Critical Thinking

A representation of progressive thinking comes from questioning the current state of affairs. LASANAA encourages the creation of art which is not only the portrayal of the present state, but which questions it to move to a better dimension of the present.


Part of Artivism is questioning our surroundings, environment and our socio-political constructs. LASANAA strives to challenge our current state of mind through art, workshops, mentorship and community engagement.


Artivism (art + activism) was developed based on the concept of activism through art. It embodies the core ideals of LASANAA. Artivism was shaped based on the idea of creating a social change beyond our city and in a broader context. We don't find Artivism, we shape it.


LASANAA is an alternative art space with the credo of bringing people together, and allow learning through idea exchange. LASANAA provides an opportunity for national and international artists to explore art forms beyond the conventional and traditional, in order to arrive at a unique individual expression. LASANAA’s main objective is to bring about change in society – on social, cultural and political levels, through its artivism (art + activism).... Read More


LASANAA has undoubtedly played a crucial role in modeling what we now consider contemporary Nepali art. With a priority in the art making process, the organization has bridged the gap between society and art. Currently, LASANAA is participating in the Kathmandu Triennale – where contemporary artist Ashmina Ranjit will showcase a performance titled “Sacredness Within and Beyond.” Read More


LASANAA organizes various art related workshops for artists, students and the community at-large. The workshops focus on critical thinking while analyzing and questioning contemporary issues. LASANAA provides a fully facilitated art residency for up-and-coming as well as established artists from around the world. Artists can apply for two, three or six-month-long residencies. LASANAA provides residency fellowships for two Nepali artists every year. Read More